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Cóndor Coffee Cenicafé 1 (Single Origin)

About this product:

Like the majestic Condor native to the Andean region of South America, this rotating seasonal coffee will fly - so make sure to pick yours up quickly! Four different single origin beans will rotate based on harvest season and availability.

Our current offering is the Cenicafé variety, offered exclusively in the US by Alice Good. It comes from the Misiones Coffee Farm, located between clouded mountains two hours south of Bogotá. The cherries are carefully picked one by one, then undergo an extended anaerobic fermentation process for 254 hours. This funky coffee is a flavor explosion! Tropical fruit notes like mango and papaya, along with sparkling acidity and a creamy, full body, make for a truly distinctive experience.

Variety:  Cenicafé 1

Process: Natural anaerobic, 254h

Harvest Date: Nov 2021 - Jan 2022

Tasting Notes: Tropical fruits (passion fruit, papaya), sparkling acidity, creamy and full-bodied

Size  | 12 oz bag

Grind  | Whole Bean