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Cóndor Coffee - Gesha (Single Origin) - Subscription

Coffee Bag

About this product:

Like the majestic Cóndor native to the Andean Region of South America, this rotating seasonal coffee will fly. Four different single origin beans will rotate based on harvest season and availability. 

Our current offering is a Gesha. From plants which have been adapted to Colombian soil. This coffee offers a smooth mouthfeel, balanced acidity, and a distinctively refined flavor profile, black tea-like with notes of caramel and lemongrass

Variety:  Gesha

Process: Washed

Harvest Date: Sep-Nov 2022

Tasting Notes: Lemongrass, Caramel, Black Tea, balanced acidity, silky body, smooth mouthfeel


Size  | 12 oz bag

Grind  | Whole Bean